Champions for Life: Cleveland

Cleveland, OH

I spent the last couple of days in a women’s prison in Cleveland, OH. Almost 600 women live there. They had the opportunity to attend several shows orchestrated just for them. They saw many performers who were carrying out a mission of one mind – to share the love, mercy and forgiveness of Christ.

I had divine one-on-one appointments with 14 women and I shook the hands and smiled at countless others. There is no way to measure the true impact my presence had on the lives I connected with – but none of this is about me. My continual prayer was “Empty me out, Lord. Let me shine You today.”

…….. and the LORD shined again and again.

These are the names of the women I spoke and prayed with. Please pray for each of them if the Lord lays that burden on your heart:


A sincere thanks to all of you who pray for me as I walk through my life of prison ministry.

Love always,


Ps… Here is a ‘God happening’ which happened at Mansfield Prison:

My prison ministry partner, Bill, was a coordinator at Mansfield (men’s) Prison…

One of the volunteers just happened to find out ahead of time that he was going to be going to Mansfield. The volunteer looked up the prison on the internet to find out more about the prison. He learned that they have a death row and about 30 guys live on death row.

The volunteer started praying fervently that God would allow him to go onto death row to share the good news of Christ with the inmates there.

    Side Note: Mind you… most of the guys on death row are nasty, evil, and wicked. They will often hurt people if outsiders get too cexercise/>lose to the bars in their cells (breaking arms, etc)….. often times – they will save their excrement and throw it at people walking by…. they are bad. They need Jesus.

So anyways…. this guy is praying and asking God to go on death row!!

When all the volunteers got into the prison… the first word was NO. No one was going to be allowed onto death row…. but… eventually, the prison warden let ONE person go to death row…. and the volunteer was the one!!

The first day… he led one man to Christ…. the second day, he led another man to Christ….

Amazing!!!! What a wonderful example of faith-walking in the Name of Jesus!!!!

We may never know the rest of the story…. but we do know how it ends…. Those men on death row will be in heaven after they breathe their last breath of life.

From Rachel….


… I go to jail and it’s hard for me to walk in the door of the lobby.

Last night was one of those nights. I’m so tired of doing things for others and others not reciprocating my actions.

…I’m learning to love unconditionally.

I did go in… I went straight to Ward 14 where my friend Barbara was waiting for me. She was sleeping so I woke her up.

We had a good discussion about Oswald Chamber’s devotion of the day… we talked about life… theirs and mine.

Another woman, Dee Dee, needed a listening ear. My head was pounding in pain and I just wanted to go home… but I listened as intently as I could.

Soon the discussions dwindled. “You don’t look quite right” Barbara said from across the table.

‘I’m not quite right” I responded. “My head hurts and I feel a little bit further away from God than I’d like to be. Will you guys pray for me?”

Both ladies smiled and were glad to oblige. Dottie overheard and joined in, too… and they prayed fervently for me.

Sometimes… prison ministry is not all about me giving all I have. Sometimes… it’s about receiving… from them… and from the Lord.

Love always,

~ * ~

Ps. I had a wonderful evening of ministry in the next ward… talking with many ladies… praying for them… two new girls re-dedicated their lives to the Lord. It ended up to be an amazing night. Praise God for His lovingkindness and faithfulness!