Adventures at the Pub…

I love my life with Christ.

He’s asked me to do several things which take me out of my own comfort zone. Through them all, I’ve learned wonderful lessons of His love and strength.

Last night, my prison ministry partners (Pam & Bill) and me went to the Courthouse Pub. We were in search of a woman who is currently out of jail and on house arrest. We wanted her to come with us to check out a rehabilitation program.

I’d been to the bar before. I met my brother there once years ago before he sobered up. It’s a friendly little place… everybody sits at the bar and chats with each other and the bartender.

We walked in as ‘Kim’ was racking up the balls for another game of pool. Her hair was dyed black. She was wearing a provocative black top with jeans and high heels.

I sauntered through the door first and she smiled as she recognized me… her smile turned to shock as she recognized Pam… and then Bill. “Oh no!” she exclaimed, “I feel like I’m going to go to hell!”

We laughed. We were not there to condemn her. We were there to tell her that Jesus still loves her and is waiting for her.

It was a good night… good conversation… and Kim is going with us today to check out the rehab program.

I love being a messenger… God rocks!

Love always,


Hugs from heaven….

Prison ministry means I spend time getting to know ladies. Taking time to write devotionals for them… spending time talking about the devotionals and looking up Truths in the Bible…

Listening to heart wrenching life stories… looking at precious family photos… laughing and loving…. consoling tears….

Sometimes I feel frustrated… especially when I see the woman who is back in for the third time because she is unable to conquer her drug addiction.

Why am I there? Am I really making a difference?

Sometimes…. we never know the difference we make in the lives of others.

Every once in a while… I receive a hug from heaven… a small moment which reminds me that I am exactly where God wants me to be.

Often… the hugs come in the form of mail from prisons… from ladies who I’ve mentored in jail and have moved on to prison to live out their sentences…

“You’re blessed. Because you try to dedicate yourself to jail and your children and that’s a beautiful thing. I’m glad you care about us so much it makes me feel real good. “

… thank you for this beautiful hug, LORD.

“I feel free and blessed even though I’m locked up. This place can’t take away the freedom the Lord gives me.”

… praise your name, Jesus.

“Well, I really am thankful you write. I’ll get this [letter] to you. I’ll cexercise/>lose this letter but not my heart.”

… bless her heart, Lord.

Hugs from heaven….. thank you Lord.

Love always,