More than words…

A few nights ago… I was home writing letters to inmates by hand. I usually use my laptop, but my laptop is in irreparable disrepair.

I keep a list of the inmates I write handy. The list includes the projected out dates… It was bittersweet for me to realize that one of the ladies was released that very day.

Why bittersweet? I missed my opportunity to give her a blessing before she was released. I believe blessings are so very important. Blessings can be life changing…

I hope she contacts me soon… I’d love to have coffee with her…

I am now an assistant chaplain at my county jail. It is a position which holds much responsibility, yet yields to me more freedom as I walk throughout the jail. I’m now allowed to give Bibles to inmates… even books as I see fit.

I’m thankful for our jail captain… he is an active Christ-seeker… a blessing to many.

Thanks for your notes…

Thanks for caring and thinking about my ministry.

Love always,


He walked on….

I love my dad.

He went to live with Jesus on January 3rd, 2008.

It was unexpected…

I knew he was gone when I walked in his front door to the scene of paramedics and firemen trying to breathe life into his body.

My mom was sitting on the couch in disbelief… tears pouring down her face. My aunt and cousin were there – pacing…

… I just stood.


Wondering why Jesus chose this day….

A whirlwind of a week followed. Mom and I planned a service here in Indiana. The more calls we made, the more people came to help us.

We flew him home to Texas for another memorial service for his family and friends there.

We sobbed our goodbyes as we buried him in the town of his youth.

Hundreds of people came from everywhere to tell stories of his life… to love on us… and to say goodbye…

He lived a life of honor… of love… of compassion.

… he lived for Jesus.

I miss him.

Love always,