Texas minded…


I’ll be headed to Texas in March… Huntsville to be more accurate.

There is a Bill Glass event going on… a big one. They need 800 volunteers.

I’ll be flying down with my prison ministry mentor, Bill B. It will be like old times… I love flying with him. It’s always an adventure.

It will be fun to meet up with my old friends in Huntsville…

…. I think the best part is rubbing elbows with the bikers. I love bikes… I love the rumble in my chest as a group of them arrive together… it’s just a cool thing. (Don’t even get me started on Semi-Trucks!)

I’ve started sending my resume to potential employers in Texas… I’m looking forward to moving in July…

I know that yesterday was a

Blessings to all…. thanks for the interest and prayers. They are coveted and most appreciated.