Back in the Saddle…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I have received a few very kind and thoughtful comments since my last post. Thank you all. Your prayers are truly appreciated.

It’s been a crazy year…

My plans didn’t match up to God’s plans at all… and that part of my life makes me laugh.

I’ve felt the LORD calling me ‘south’ for a while… I told Him if He wanted me to move ‘south’… than He’d have to release me from my job – and that’s where it all started.

My job ended in June. I worked for a children’s touring theater for 10 years… and it cexercise/>losed after 29 years of service to almost 3 million children.

I started looking for a new job ‘south’… I figured it was Texas and I found a job in Beaumont. I had 2 weeks to pack my stuff, the girls, the animals and move. We made it happen and I started my new job on-time.

My fiance, Dave, helped me move… he was a sweetheart. He, however, lived in a small town 2 hours north of my new town. We thought we could make it work.

Shortly after my move, we found out that Dave needed brain surgery. He had a huge aneurysm which needed to be taken care of… we knew there would be months of painful recovery, so we decided to make things easier on ourselves and we got married one day after church. It was a wonderful weekend which preceded his surgery scheduled for the very next week.

The surgery was successful… and we got a wonderful ’2 for 1′ deal. The neurosurgeon was also able to remove Dave’s last brain tumor. (He had been fighting them for several years.)

Hurricane Ike happened and the roof blew off our apartment. The girls and I were staying with Dave in his small town at the time… so we were safe.

I quit my job because of the hurricane. There was no place for me to live in order to keep my job. The girls and I were now permanent residents of that small town, too.

The LORD gave me a part time job and I am currently home-schooling my girls. Life seems to be ‘stable’ enough that I will be able to start working on getting into the local jail.

Income is less than desirable at the moment… so I’ve been submitting my resume at every possibility for full-time work. This community is very cexercise/>lose-knit. It’s hard to find full-time work here… especially if you are an outsider!

A wonderful thing is happening though… The church secretary is retiring in December… and I’m at the top of the list.

Through all this… God has been so good to us. He has provided everything we need… and we’ve been sure to give Him all the thanks and praises.

Oh…. and the best news? The church is footing the bill so Dave and I can attend the Bill Glass Champions for Life event in Dallas this week.

Back in the saddle again….

Love always,