Ellen’s Favorite…

“Do you have a favorite verse?” I asked. She had just finished explaining how she was doing her best to read through the Bible. She was bright, she was clean, and her clothes matched every other woman’s clothes in the room. So is life in prison.

I was surprised when she eagerly answered me. There was no delay in her response, “Yes! I do!”

“Will you find it in my Bible?” She turned right to it: John 13:7. She boldly read:

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

“This is my favorite verse because it tells me that it’s okay if I don’t understand what I’m learning about Jesus right now. God is going to explain it to me later,” she beamed.

How profound.

I’m thankful for her journey with Christ. Thankful that she has found a security in Him which others are afraid to embrace.

That day, I prayed with six women who were truly ready to rededicate their lives to Christ. Six women who were done playing games. Six women who were so humbled by their life circumstances that an outward profession of faith was no longer scary or un-cool.

… and I will always remember Ellen. I asked her to sign her name next to her favorite verse in my Bible. I will remember to say a prayer for her every time I see her handwriting. I will remember her genuine faith and her journey with Christ.

Love always,



There were 2200 inmates in Dawson State Jail that day. 316 people gave their lives to Christ for the first time. 818 people re-dedicated their lives.

It was a good day…

… a good day in Christ.