New Adventures…

God continues to give Dave and I new adventures!

We were asked to visit the home of one of the women in church. Her son was visiting. He had spent some time in prison and now was out. He struggled to make good decisions and his desire for drugs captured his attention again. When we met him, he had been clean for 16 days.

He was ready to make a change. I was blessed to help guide him in a prayer to rededicate his life… I asked him to repeat the prayer after me. I said, “Heavenly Father, if I didn’t mean this prayer before, I mean it now…”

He said, “God! I really mean it today!!!” It was wonderful to witness a heart crying out to our Heavenly Father…

The man is back on track and has been doing well in his relationship with Jesus. He got baptized last Sunday. It was a precious sight to see.

Last week, I got a phone call from my prison ministry mentor at lunch time. The call was unexpected and I knew the news would not be good. One of the ladies I worked in prison ministry with back in Indiana had gone to be with the LORD.

This woman was a fireball for Jesus. She loved prison ministry with all her heart. She and her husband continually challenged their comfort zone in order to work for Jesus.

Sometimes we wonder why God calls his children home seemingly ‘too early’. In all things, we must trust His timing.

Dave and I were invited to the Teen Challenge facility last week. We participated in their church service. We are looking forward to developing a relationship with them. They are looking forward to us getting the Celebrate Recovery group started and running smoothly.

They asked Dave to speak tomorrow night…

God makes my heart smile!

Love always,