Celebrate Recovery…

Dave and I have been working hard towards the goal of starting a Celebrate Recovery group in our area. There is a HUGE need for this faith-based 12-step program here and we are excited to serve as God heals us and others through this program.

After many months of traveling almost 2 hours away to attend meetings ourselves each week, we finally targeted a start date for our group. Our first meeting was this past Thursday night. We were excited to see who would join us. It was a small group – but we didn’t have to worry. It’s God’s thing and not ours. All we have to do is walk in obedience.

Thanks to all for thinking of us from time to time… we are hoping that one day, God will make a way for us to use this program here in our local jail and possibly use us in a prison unit in Beaumont.

Prison ministry news: We are signed up for the Bill Glass Champions for Life event in Beaumont. We are doing our best to recruit others to go. Hundreds of volunteers are still needed!

Letter writing: I (Rachel) am still writing about 32 inmates every month. A couple of them have been released. I’ve revised the layout of my monthly newsletter and the inmates seem to like it much better. I try my best to include ‘fun’ stuff, too.

Thanks to all who are interested in our ministry!

Love always,

Dave and Rachel