Dallas Weekend of Champions

November 3-5, 2011
Dallas, TX

My experience at Dawson State Jail was perfect. As a coordinator in training, I was in charge of taking a team of women onto the 6th floor. I had a challenging couple of days. The women who live there sleep much of the day – many didn’t want to get up to interact with my teammates. I brought in several performers and speakers and escorted them from pod to pod (or ward to ward – depending on what part of the country you are from!). We had a biker on the floor each day and the officers on the floor allowed the inmates to come out in shifts to see the Harleys and to talk with the bikers. What an amazing thing to see a huge Harley being transported from outside to inside the prison… and up a few floors on the elevator!

My most favorite moment was my only free ten minutes. A teammate motioned me to come over and speak to an inmate. The inmate was not ready to ask Jesus into her heart – and that’s okay. Tears streamed down her face as I got up from the table to leave. She was on a journey to find Jesus – she just didn’t realize it. I have no doubt that she will soon be acknowledging Jesus as the LORD of her life soon.

I had safe travels to Dallas and back home (6 hours one way!). I also had the opportunity to stay an extra night and catch up with friends. (Fun – fun!) Oh… here’s something kinda fun that happened as I was driving home:



How fun to watch the odometer roll over! (Simple things make me happy!) :D

My sincere thanks to all who donated, prayed, and encouraged me. Prison ministry is teamwork effort – you all are a very important part of the team!

I love to see God in action… coming soon – an update on prison ministry in Beaumont, Texas!

Love always,