My bucket list…

So having a bucket list is a good thing… working on a list of things I’d like to do one day is fun. Tracking it online is even better – it gives me motivation to actually work on it! For now, my bucket list includes small things… attainable projects that I can fit into my life.

Where is my bucket list? Why on Pinterest, of course!

Here is a project I wanted to try… my daughter and I finished it this weekend. It was fun painting and planting with her! Uuuummmm…. one note – it really helps when you don’t kill the flowers first! I’m gonna re-seat the upper pots when the dirt settles a bit. : )  Oh yes, the top pot is painted. The pretties on there will be more noticeable when I re-seat the pots.

This is the overall view… “Welcome” was inspired by a ‘cat font’ I found on the Internet.  Here is a closer look…

We love the tye-dye kitty prints!

Daughter added her own touch on the upper two pots… there are more surprises painted on these pots. I didn’t take pics because I had to make due with the little camera on my cell phone. :p

More kitty prints on an upper pot. I love how they are so dainty!

My first bucket list project… Done!!! (with fantastic help!)

Hope your day is great!

~ Rachel