Run with it!

I’ve been reading through the Bible a few chapters at a time. I see no reason to overload myself with quantity when there is so much quality to be found. I think if you are a big reader – read big! But if you are like me… a few verses a day is more than enough to chew on. Reading through the Bible is a lifetime event – not a race.

This morning I read chapter 5 out of the book of Numbers. Verse 6 really caught my eye and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. The verse says,

“… If any of the people – men or women – betray the LORD by doing wrong to another person, they are guilty.” (New Living Translation)

I noticed that “another person” is anybody… everybody. Christ follower or not. The Hebrew meaning goes as far as pointing to a living being which caused me to see this verse in a different light. This verse solidifies the extreme value that ALL of God’s creations possess. He creates all living things with an important purpose in mind. How careful we must be to remember to value others- even if what we see on the surface comes in an unappealing form.

Doing wrong to someone, anyone, is not okay. What are hurting actions? Of course the obvious… murder, death, kill… (why does that old Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone movie pop into my head?) What about other actions that we see daily? Gossip, manipulation, hitting, kicking, put-downs, and the list goes on. God values his creations so much that doing wrong to someone is viewed as betraying God. When we betray God, we lose that connection we have with Him and we need to do what’s right and make amends with the person we hurt, if possible, and with God.

Today I wanted to remind you that God is the Creator of this universe. Everything He’s made has purpose and extreme value. You are cherished and loved more than you may realize. It is important for you to know this fact: Your life has meaning and a purpose… and you are extremely valued. Grab it and run with it!

You are loved.
Your life has meaning.
Your life has purpose.

You, my friend, are extremely valued.

What did you read about in the Bible today?

Love always,