We’re gonna make it…

There is always something to learn each and every day of our lives. I’m back to the dating thing… so if you’ve stayed tuned in, you’ll be interested in hearing the ending to the Mr. Hottie Pants saga. If you’ve just tuned in… there may be a few tidbits you can walk away with. If you don’t want to hear any of it… close out this page and come back later. No offense taken. :-)

I’ve done quite a bit of self-reflection for the last few days. I’ve come to several conclusions… the biggest conclusion is that I miss my dad. Bunches. I was talking with another father today – he’s young and his beautiful daughter is on the verge of dating. He has stepped up to the plate and has taken a protective role over his daughter with the intentions of helping her find a suitable mate instead of allowing her to be trampled upon like a doormat. This made me realize that I wish my own father was still here. Fathers have a way of making life feel better. I miss you, dad.

Conclusion #2: I revert to victim mentality at the most inopportune moments. This happens to people who have experienced abuse. It’s so ironic that my day job consists of guiding teens to healthy adulthood and instilling healthy attitudes within them… but my own life reverts back to ugly defaults at seemingly random times. What is this victim mentality? You may have picked up on it a couple of entries ago: I’m waiting for someone to want me – anyone. My attitude was as if anybody who wants me will be okay and we will live happily ever after. (There’s a voice in my head screaming, “Stop it!”)

Side note here: Okay ladies (sorry gents)… just stop it. It’s important to stand up for yourself and be a little more on the choosy side. Yes – I realize you’ve been waiting for literally YEARS for Prince Charming to come and sweep you off your feet… but the fact of the matter is Prince Charming is not every nice guy that pays attention to you!

Conclusion #3: I try too hard. Now we have progressed to the coveted Mr. Hottie news. He wasn’t Prince Charming. Well… he WAS Prince Charming… but not MY Prince Charming! I made too much out of the relationship and he was willing to comply. Mr. Hottie was kind, sweet, funny, cuddly, smart, happy, a hard-worker… but not ready to sweep any woman off her feet. I realized that I had reverted to victim mentality because I knew in my heart that this relationship would not work out yet I did the best I could to persuade him that he was my Prince Charming. Yep. JUST STOP IT, RACH. (My sincere apologies to Mr. Hottie – but he already knows this.)

Another side note: I wish you the best, Mr. Hottie. Your princess is gonna be one lucky woman when you sweep her off her feet!

So…. onwards on my dating path…

Conclusion #4: My self-worth is not based on other’s opinions of me. Rejection is a dime a dozen. (Insert your own sarcastic comment here. You didn’t know this would be an interactive blog entry, did you?) It’s easy to let myself get down when I feel rejected. I have actually never been great at handling rejection so when it happens, my immediate response is to question myself. See the error in this train of thought? Remember when we learned in 7th grade that the world does NOT revolve around us? Duh. Rejection can be birthed from any reason or circumstance. We cannot guess what another person is going through. Rejection is okay. Stand strong and remind yourself who you are…

Yep, another side note: Can’t remember who you are? Get out a piece of paper and write it down… I’m pretty sure you are witty, clever, smart, and if you’ve made it this far – pretty intelligent because who else is going to put up with my writing?

Rejection is not who you are – it’s just an unpleasant event that happens from time to time…  to time… to time.

Get over it. :-)

The final conclusion that I’ve come to (wheew!! Almost done!!) is that it’s important to let go in order to make room for the new. Many people don’t accept or embrace this concept. They are hanging on sooooo tightly to the past – that the joy of the future never finds them. I saw this graphic on FaceBook that really resonated with my heart.

Woman's Mood

Wait… not that one. Sorry!

This one:

Letting Go

Letting go is tough! However… (yep – the big BUT)… it’s necessary in order to make room for future joy. DO IT!!

Thanks for sticking with me as I stumble through this life. We’re gonna make it.

Ooooo yeeees weee aaaare!!

Love always,



Yep. That hashtag is my newest theme. No matter how you do it, never give up on doing your best to be healthy.

What exactly does that mean? Just what it says… never give up. You are valuable and worth any and every effort to find and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So what if you haven’t exercised in a few days… weeks… months… years? Do something today. Walk around your block, find a free exercise video on YouTube, or maybe just do some sit-ups. The important thing is that you are doing something – no matter what you do.

What’s another thing you can do? Make one healthy eating choice today. Ditch your fries, only eat half the bun on your burger, or have a second helping of veggies instead of the potatoes. You can do this! Each day of conscious decisions leads to a healthier and stronger you – mind, body, and soul.

I was introduced to the AdvoCare product line and have been working on the 24 Day Challenge. I’ve taken measurements and weighed myself… I’ve followed the booklet… I’ve done the work. Today I am out of the “cleanse” phase and into the “max” phase. What you eat is up to you… lean and green is best. Follow the guidelines… try your best to exercise as much as possible… You can’t go wrong.

I’ve had more energy the last few days than ever. How do I know? Sundays. I LOVE a nap on Sundays. Yep… while everybody else is watching football, I like to be cuddled up in my bed wrapped up in my favorite blanket. This past Sunday broke the mold. There was no way that I could take a nap. I was up… doing dishes, laundry, organizing cupboards, sweeping, and mopping. What happened to the old Rachel? I’m not quite sure… but she can stay wherever she is. This new girl is mighty fine.

I will post some numbers in the near future. Oddly enough, my scale is broken. I’m a little apprehensive about weighing myself again – but hey… if it works it works. If it doesn’t – I’m still a healthier person and I’ve lost nothing and gained self-confidence.

Click on the links… check it out for yourself. Even if you don’t join me on this AdvoCare journey… know that I care about you and hope that you find a healthier lifestyle that works for you.

#NeverGiveUpOnHealthy   !!!!

Love always,